Month: July 2017

Summer Time…

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health and wellbeing / what's getting my attention

…and the living is easy.. (for most kids, unless you’ve got the 11+ coming up.)… You remember that feeling, right? The long 6 week holiday stretching ahead of you like an endless field of long grass. ¬†Ok, so that was my personal picture in my head, probably because I grew up on a housing estate in Welwyn, which had a great field at the top of it, where we spent pretty much most of that […]

What I’ve been reading…

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Things I love / what we're reading / what's getting my attention

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman I’m about to make a bold statement, and possibly prematurely given we’re only in June still, but I’d currently put this book at the top of my personal leader board for 2017. Eleanor is a carefully and exquisitely¬†crafted character. She’s one of those people who we all recognise from our workplaces, commute, or regular shopping trips. You know – shy, introvert, “keeps themselves to themselves”, clutches a […]