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Broccoli and Stilton Soup

As we say hello to 2017 full of hope and optimism, I’m pretty sure, judging by the gym attendance this morning (full of resolutions and promises) that we’re all now on a health kick both physically and financially as we lick our Irish Cream and pig in blanketed induced wounds.

I’m also fairly certain that most of us still have at least half a round of Stilton winking at us from the fridge. Keen to get some more healthful veg into the kids, and use pennies instead of pounds to feed us all this week, I’ve combined the two ambitions, tinkered with an old recipe, and here it is.

Serve with crusty warm bread, or not, if bread is now the devil to you. Perfect to come home to after a long walk to earn the guilty cheese.

Ingredients;  knob of butter (or spray of fry light if you’re watching every calorie) 1 onion, 1 stalk of celery (unless the mention of celery makes your entire household cry in which case you can leave it out, it won’t make a huge difference), 2 leeks, 1 small potato, 2 broccoli heads, 1.2 litres of stock (I use Marigold Swiss Bouillon as I have a vegetarian in the family but you can use chicken too, it works), 2 bay leaves, peppercorns, 80 g stilton, 2-3 tablespoons half fat creme fraiche. Go easy on the salt as stilton is such a salty cheese. 


Melt the butter and sweat the chopped onion, leeks, and potato on a low heat for about 15 minutes. (I leave this skin on the potato, nobody needs a faff when making soup and all the vitamin C is just beneath the skin in any case so it’s win/win)

Add the stock, peppercorns and bay leaves, then pop the broccoli florets (and the stalks) into the pan and bring it all to a nice simmer. Leave for about 20 minutes gently bubbling away.

Remove from the heat and take out the bay leaves (ahem, I may have forgotten that part in the past and ended up with some stalks) then whizz it all up in a food processor or with a hand blitzer in the pan.

Stir through the stilton and creme fraiche; check for seasoning now – and this is when you could add some more salt to taste, and heaps of ground black pepper.  Serve, with a blob of creme fraiche and if you’re feeling fancy, some chives cut on top too. That’s one of their five a day sorted, anyway. 



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