Month: January 2017

What I’ve been reading…

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Grief Is The Thing With Feathers – Max Porter This is a short but utterly immersive take on grief and all that goes with it. It’s odd, weird, and astonishingly clever in equal measure. Part prose, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before. The part where Dad meets his hero, Ted Hughes was so beautifully observed and I felt like I was standing right next to him, but that was a very small glimmer of […]

Princess Leia…

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Things I love / what's getting my attention

…And Me**. So I already wrote a while ago a little bit about Rey, from the Force Awakens, and how great it was to have a strong female lead. But of course Princess Leia came first, and was promoted to Bloody Awesome General* in the last film (*official title). I was so looking forward to seeing her lead on in the next one. I was 8 when Star Wars first hit the big screen. It was exciting […]

New year…

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health and wellbeing

New Me?  Surely the most asked question of January. We’ve flipped the page over into 2017 whether that’s mentally or physically. Magazines and blogs are full of diet, lifestyle, exercise and health tips to give us all the push we need, as we stumble out of our carbs stupor. And it’s not just about diet and exercise. The new year resolutions to get a new job, start something we’ve been meaning to, stop procrastinating and […]

The leftovers…

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health and wellbeing / Things I love

Broccoli and Stilton Soup As we say hello to 2017 full of hope and optimism, I’m pretty sure, judging by the gym attendance this morning (full of resolutions and promises) that we’re all now on a health kick both physically and financially as we lick our Irish Cream and pig in blanketed induced wounds. I’m also fairly certain that most of us still have at least half a round of Stilton winking at us from […]