..to romjul we go…

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As we limp past Christmas, with all its mince pies and general gluttony, towards the final show-down with 2016, we are now heading in to Romjul – the Norwegian word for this bit between Christmas and the new year. This year it’s all been about it’s Danish cousin, Hygge, but Romjul is where it’s really at.

Restorative and mindful, it’s all about hunkering down with loved ones, alongside bracing walks and a healthy mindset. I first read about romjul in a Lauren Laverne piece a few years ago, and said to my husband then – “that’s it, that’s it! We’re romjuling!” And since then, each year we’ve made sure we’ve taken its spirit and just stopped what we’re doing and embraced it. This bit to me, is far better than Christmas day itself, with its weight of expectation and turkey timings. This is the part when we can chill out a bit, eat left overs, walk it all off and start again, moving to the next round of cheese and visits from friends and family.

Even the sight of the tin of Quality Street is now turning my head towards salad. With their showy display of look-at-me tempting wrappers, they now have all the draw of a faded drag queen in a shabby old bar, whereas only 3 days ago, they were totally where the party was at.

Last year, we headed out to Dungeness, for the ultimate bracing walk (feature image) where the kids struggled to walk upright into the gale force winds. We cleared our heads and planned our 2016 trips away. It really felt like the start of something new, as we turned our attention away from the past and towards turning the page into a new year. We even toyed with renting a house out in wild Dungeness for this romjul, to invite friends and family to join us, but a lack of funds knocked that idea on the head this time, but it’s still there lurking for another year.

And now, here we are 12 months later and the world has had a well documented shocker of a year. So I’m not going to go over all that again, there’s been enough said. Instead, I’m going to embrace this bit of down time, limiting my screen time to spend as much of it present with the kids in the truest sense of the word, whilst getting some all important thank you notes to all our lovely elderly neighbours, who have showered the kids with selection boxes and kindness.

Because that’s what it’s all about. No?



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