Day 2 of the last minute Christmas..

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Today, Mums..

Yesterday’s last minute Christmas ideas for kids was a bit epic, right? To give some context, a handful of followers had messaged me and asked for more, so here I am – although blogging feels like talking to yourself in an empty cave at times. But now I’m back I’m secretly quite enjoying rambling on in said cave again.

So, today it’s all about Christmas ideas for the mums, grandmothers, god mothers, sisters, auntys, friends – all the special women in our lives not always necessarily joined to us by a blood line.

My own approach to shopping for my mum is that I’ll take the hints she lays out and either follow them to the letter if they’re very specific – or take the theme and run with it but closer to the lux end of things than she would otherwise spend (Mum in the shops “how much?! I could make it for a fraction of that.” and so it goes on) I then buy from the kids something more quirky and unasked for. I used to do the same for my lovely aunty who’s no longer with us. For my sister I’ll get a steer and then try to really spoil her.  My number one rule of thumb is I don’t think Christmas presents are a time for practicalities, unless it’s a difficult time for the recipient in which case, practical would be far more welcome than the frivolous. I’ve been there.

Under £25

I’ve come to the conclusion that in these increasingly expensive times, with a really weak pound, even a secret santa is feeling tricky unless you head straight to Primark or Tiger Stores. They both have great stocking fillers but that’s not for this post this time. So here are some “won’t break the bank but look like some effort’s gone in” category. But I do resent shops and glossy mags categorising “stocking fillers” as under £20. That’s not a stocking filler to most people. IMHO. These are all lovely gifts in their own right and would bring a smile to most recipients.

Clockwise l- r : Mug, Orla Kiely – £8.50 (cat also available), The Year of Living Danishly – all things Hygge but more than that..a diary of moving to the happiest country £6.99; Giddy Aunt mug, Big Tomato Co (can also be personalised) £12.95; Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes – a trip down memory lane with some evocative memories of our beauty shelves £20 hardcover;  always welcome, and a safe bet if you’re unsure – Clarins hand cream selection, £25; Apothecary Scented Candles from Graham and Green £11; salt and pepper shakers again Orla Kiely but great for any pet owner £15;  iphone cover from Cath Kidston £19.95; personalised kindle cover – a great option for granny (this one isn’t it’s my daughter’s own kindle) why not personalise with a precious memory? £19.99 from;

Crowd Pleasers and Show Stoppers

Here we go, eyes down for the pricier gifts. I’ve tried to be really stringent with my test for “will it be loved, will it last (or the memory) and will it blow her away”.

Clockwise l – r :  Gorgeous Smythson diaries and travelogues with wafer thin pages to avoid bulk and weight. I’d go happy yellow, or pick her favourite colour from the candy popping range. From £30, Smythson; personalised monogrammed beach bags from Rae Feather – prices vary but start around £145; Grayson Perry silk scarf from the Tate Modern shop which is also online £75 – as an aside most galleries are now excellent treasure troves for gifts, especially for something a bit different, they’ve all really upped their game in recent years; Nutcracker biscuit tin from Biscuiteers, £35; Aesop Handwash with petitgrain which exfoliates as you wash – perfect for avid cooks and gardeners, and a bit of bathroom lux £27. Available from Liberty but also online; Monogrammed Liberty wristlet – definitely on my wishlist £125; Ally Capellino artists roll from the Tate Modern, would go down well with any artist £30; finally the Liberty weekender washbag, available in a range of their iconic patterns and so deliciously practical as it rolls out and can hang up in that minuscule hotel bathroom, £50. Feature image Restoration Candle, limited edition from £30 which for it’s quality and gorgeous perfume is excellent value for money and personally I’m going to stock up for friends and loved ones.




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