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Planet Earth 2 – BBC 1

Most asked question this morning, hands down, has been “did you watch Planet Earth last night?” Hell yeah and I’m still getting over it. Ha.

As usual, David Attenborough and his team delivered world class animal watching, which had everything in it to rival the most cleverly constructed drama. It had our whole family gripped, with the same tension as watching a cup final, or the British cycle team in a peloton final. We were up on our feet cheering and clapping the brave little iguana hatchlings who succeeded in making it across the sands (having just been born – let’s take a moment to think about that one), trying to out-run the Racer Snakes, as well as the luckless penguins as they made it on to the brutal rocks, bruised and bloodied.

There was the cute, I give you the Three-Toed Pygmy Sloth, the ugly (dribbling Komodos) and the naughty (the Lemurs)…

There was the thought provoking stuff too, over on Christmas Island, the delicate eco balance tipped by the introduction of Yellow Crazy Ants (honestly, that’s their name, that in itself is just too brilliant) who’ve hitched a lift on visiting ships and which have pretty much annihilated the beautiful red crab colony.

Educational, moving, uplifting and stunning all in equal measure, the BBC at its best. Tune in or miss out.

Sundays, straight after Strictly. Or on the iplayer. Aren’t we lucky?


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