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All that glitters

This week’s Sunday Best is inspired by the pair of sneakers I just bought for my daughter. So, part rockets and space, part bonfire night inspired, this week is all about non-girly girl fashion for the girls (that includes us ladies), and fab stuff for the lads too (both little and big).

Behold the best pair of trainers to rock up in CT5 in a long time (feature image); Boden has come up trumps on the side of girls who don’t want to dress head to toe in pink . Even better, it has a zip up the side for the quick draw shoe pull on, normally necessary having been asked approximately a hundred times to get said shoes on. (Top tip though for those converse and Vans hi-tops, replace the laces with elastic and they pull on. If you get the right thickness of elastic, after 2 or 3 wears they look exactly like the original laces)

Boden really has done the business with their girls range this autumn, with space inspired skirts and accessories, see their sparkly explorer skirt for younger girls (up to age 12) or their cosy twirl skirt in soot space colour-way. Our smallest girl will be wearing their velvet top with inlaid rose gold stars, with a grey tule skirt for Christmas. One of the (many) reasons I love Mini Boden is they also always have a healthy dose of leopard print or navy in all their footwear, not just the pinks and golds. But that’s an aside, sorry for getting distracted.

Little boys and girls will love the astronaut beanie from Little Joules, but I know my 10 year old would run a mile;


…cue H&M for their two pack of jersey hats with a slightly more mature star motif which are kind of cool for girls and boys alike (though you’ll annoyingly only find them in the boys section)..


There’s a fab bag for girls at Zara, this cross body pom-pom bag, not strictly in the space section but I think it’s a nice nod toward it.


Sadly the best bag I ever bought for my girl, a dazzling glittered rocket bag from H&M hasn’t been repeated this year, but is worth keeping an eye out for on ebay.


Over to us, my fab super-soft star print scarf from Gap has had a ridiculous amount of compliments – including from other mums and nurses on the children’s ward this week as I took my daughter home from her tonsillectomy. (Proving to me, that the mutual love of a good scarf can be great ice-breaker in the strangest of places. Love a good scarf.)

The perennial Ash trainers in their muted metallics will always give a bit of astronaut glow in the winter months, and are up there now as a bit of a design classic for school run mums and media working professionals alike. There are also some amazing silver and gold boots out there which I’m coveting – have a look in Office and Primark.

Hush have a great star-scattered shirt in black this season, which I snapped up as an easy to wear work shirt, as well as their lovely scatter star tee (which also accidentally fell into my online basket) Super soft, it’s lovely to wear and has just the right amount of glimmer to avoid feeling OTT.

Selfish Mother, run by the unstoppable Molly Gunn have released some great Christmas jumpers to support Save the Children, and their Sparkle one fits this category quite nicely (but I can’t post an image as they’re currently sold out, but more coming on November 25th.)

This MIH star spangled shirt is a thing of wonder, but way out of my price range.

For a bit of luxe, Wyse London does this amazing cashmere jumper, and have a whole range of colours and star inspired designs. They’ve even managed to combine my two favourite things, breton stripes with some fluro stars.  Last but not least, and top of my wish list is the gold 1970 jumper from Bella Freud. I keep thinking if I eat only beans and give up wine for a month perhaps I can justify it. Perhaps.

So, plenty out there to channel our inner explorer this winter. May the force be with you.




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