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health and wellbeing

…It’s been a shitty week for the Procrastination Project family.  Every which way we’ve turned, the whole family has has had a collective slap in the face at some point or another. It’s been our terribilis autem sabbati.

A job interview on Monday, which in theory should have been in the bag at that point, didn’t quite go to plan. Still flummoxed by the turn of events, they kind of set the tone for the remainder of the week. A really senior industry figure who had given me a glowing reference, talked me off the edge and managed to make me laugh at the situation. I owe her more than a drink.

The smallest left school in floods of tears, the evil tonsils giving her grief again, with some horrible playground incident thrown in for good measure; her teacher telling her she needs to “get used to it” for when she goes to secondary school. She’s only just 8.

Our 9 year old witnessed our little dog get a good kicking during a minor altercation between him and a Newfoundland (our border terrier was scared, simple as that) with its delightful owner shouting his entire repertoire of bad language him, in front of said 9 year old. Which was nice. And has left him scared on his own doorstep.

Mr Procrastination Project has had a crappy work week too. It just hasn’t gone our way. So as we crawl into our weekend, regrouping and digging deep into our resourcefulness – I am repeating the words of my sister’s text on a loop.

“Don’t catastrophize this, H”

So, I’m not.

It’s a bad week, simple as that. I’m not going through the heartbreaking, gut-wrenching grief that my good friend is, following the horrendous death of her husband – taken far too young by cancer. We’re not fleeing terror, as far too many families across the world currently are. We can put food on the table and warm the house. Which is more than the thousands of homeless families can.

So I won’t blow our very minor challenges out of proportion. Instead I’ll feed my poorly girl soup and bundle her up in a duvet on the sofa, with her favourite films on a loop. I’ll persuade my boy not to give the nasty man any power by feeling scared. And I’ll give my mate a call to remind her she’s loved and that we are here.

And in the meantime, I’ll keep digging around to find more nonsense and irreverence to share. (Coming soon….)

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