Month: October 2016


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health and wellbeing

…It’s been a shitty week for the Procrastination Project family.  Every which way we’ve turned, the whole family has has had a collective slap in the face at some point or another. It’s been our terribilis autem sabbati. A job interview on Monday, which in theory should have been in the bag at that point, didn’t quite go to plan. Still flummoxed by the turn of events, they kind of set the tone for the remainder […]


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what's getting my attention

Today is International Day of the Girl Child… …A UN initiative intended to raise awareness and to campaign for equality for girls everywhere. There are 1.1 billion girls globally. One enormous hurdle standing in the way of true equality, is child marriage. Unbelievably, in developing countries, 1 in 3 girls are married before they’re 18. The thought of that is unfathomable as I look at my little girl, as well as our eldest who’s 22. […]

What I’ve been reading…

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Things I love / what we're reading / what's getting my attention

Lie with Me – Sabine Durrant Oh hello. A nice easy read I thought. Get myself over A Little Life, I thought, with an arm chair/commuter thriller. And so I did.  Lie with Me is a claustrophobic psychological tale of Paul Morris, our protagonist, who is frankly pretty unlikeable. Although I must confess to liking him more and more as the tale went on, probably because you realise as you get into his head that […]