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..Organic Bathroom Saviours (Home and Away)

Just been for a super-chilled walk in the woods with the family and our pooch, and as I contemplate just how lazy or active I want the rest of this Sunday to be, I’m already thinking ahead to a long steamy bath this evening. I have some pretty impressive blisters thanks to some new shoes earlier in the week, and aching limbs from a busy week.

So in the spirit of keeping this Sunday simple and pared back, here are my recommendations for a skin (and environmentally friendly) bathroom cabinet. No nasties for the kids and they all smell delicious…Most of these brands have travel sizes or sample sizes which are great for a short trip away; all are super-useful to have with you and can easily be decanted into aeroplane friendly 100 ml bottles or tubs too.

Clockwise; Weleda foot balm for those knackered feet (this is amazing) Weleda is a great family friendly brand too. Available from Victoria Health online, who’s customer service is second to none;  Neom bath oil – recommended to me by Kayleigh at the Beauty Lounge if you’re a Whitstable local, if not it’s available online and has the added bonus that it makes the entire house smell amazing  when you use it (no mean feat when you have a house full of kids and a very smelly dog); Take it back to basics with Epsom Salts, my go-to after a long walk or enthusiastic workout; Ren Moroccan body polish – bought for me by a friend this one’s a real treat and a great holiday skin-prep – available from  Feel Unique online;  Cowshed Cow Lick shampoo and conditioner smells divine and leaves your hair shiny as well as paraben-free, also from Feel Unique ; Barefoot SOS soothes the driest of skin, and can help with eczema and psoriasis – I’m never without since discovering it for my baby’s chapped little face one winter, it’s an all year round saviour,  and also really great on a long haul flight- available online direct, or from Planet Organic if you’re a lucky Londoner. Feels pricey but a little goes a very long way. 


Lastly, if you do have kids, Mini-U is a great little brand; free of parabens and sulphates (the stuff that makes shampoo foam up) they leave your mucky kids all sparkly but with the knowledge that no nasties went into the process, and they’ve tried to keep the price point pocket friendly too (*They do a great curl activator too for those of us with curly mops) They do a really handy travel pack too.

Right, I’m off to run a bath. That’s this week’s Sunday Best…and if you’re in the UK, enjoy this gorgeous Autumn sun.

Feature image; Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash. 

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