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…for some Hygge. (Danish, pro; huuga)

As we approach October (I know, right?) we’re heading into maximum Hygge territory. (OK actually, the Danes really go for it around Christmas, though the Danes lead a secular lifestyle, they go big on religious celebrations). I’ve done my research and whilst everyone associates it mostly as a loose translation of cosy, it’s actually a catch-all expression for spending quality time with family and friends. They even do Hygge in the summer months…it’s all in the context of enjoyment.

But for the purposes of this post, we’re thinking those Danes have got this cosy Hygge down to an art form, and people have cottoned on over here. What’s not to love for us on this island of Blighty, which let’s be honest can be breathtakingly beautiful but equally grey and soul-sucking at certain times of the year (I’m looking at you, February). Personally, I’m ramping up my Hygge preparations now, in anticipation of the wet, drizzly weather kicking in any time from the end of this month (though October on the Kent coast where we live can also be bright and gorgeous – and a perfect time to visit).

So, here are my picks for maximum Hygge.  Now all you need is friends and family round a table full of comfort food, a darn good book or some box sets and a roaring fire and you’re good to go.  If you aren’t lucky enough to have a wood burner or open fire, fear not, a heap of church candles (safely) clustered together can create an equally pleasing glow, and a cosy atmosphere (IKEA).  Think hurricane lamps,  sheepskins, fairy lights, cosy knitted textiles and tactile surfaces. Counter any mis-placed guilt with a walk in the woods or a bracing bike ride, before batoning down the hatches and hibernating ’til the weather has passed. (Maybe with a delicious glass of red. Or two.)

Ultimate Hygge brands;  Cox & Cox, The Nordic House  and Hush  (and psst, Cox and Cox has 20% off ’til the end of this Sunday) Neom does beautifully scented organic candles, packed with therapeutic essential oils which can dial the mood up or down, depending where your head’s at. 



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