Sunday Best…

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What we're wearing now

..All that Glitters.

Yesterday, Autumn came. With a pretty resounding message that she’s here to stay, too.

I needed socks with my Stans, for the school run,  but as usual all I could find in my drawer was a mis-match of some ancient ones and none of the hundreds I bought this time last year (I do not exaggerate) – Just those belonging to my kids and The Husband. Stripes, trainer socks, massive skate socks, and school socks.

So I decided to continue the promise I made myself last year; I shall for the rest of the foreseeable, only wear glittery socks. Let’s see the Husband mix those up with his and the kids.

And so, this week’s Sunday Best is dedicated to all the gorgeous lady socks that I’ve noticed along the way and that I’ll be sure to be replacing my motley collection with. Not the deepest post of the month, but it’s a practical one for the girls.

Easily the best places to buy;  Topshop, Asos, Cos.  Slideshow below.

Sheer rainbows strictly for the under 30s, from Asos, glitter stars, Top shop, orange metallics, Asos, aubergine Topshop, pale blue, Topshop (3 pairs for £8, and they have on-trend burgundy, red and grey too)  pink glitter and silver metallic both Cos (Cos has some great bang up to date colours this season, all co-ordinated with their lovely Autumn collection; get there quick) 

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