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…Autumn’s fast approaching (and don’t even get me started on how many days there are til Christmas) and before you know it, we’ll all be in jacket and coat panic.  I’ll be procrastinating as always and will undoubtedly miss out on any of the ones I’ve got my eye on (will continue to put it off in any case)…and I’ll yet again reach for my dog walking coat as the chill sets in first thing and last thing each day.

Or will I? In Spring time I really had my eye on the Maje emerald green silk bomber (a modern take on the Japanese souvenir jacket) but I danced round it for so long, concerned whether or not it was too muttony that I missed out. And every time I walked past some cool young thing in London who was wearing it, I had one of those little jealous stabbing feelings.

So, I’ve been doing my research on the new ones hitting the shops for Autumn. They’re still having a moment, after being massive in Summer ’16, so they won’t feel past it nor frumpy. I’ve mutton tested it with the 20 year old who assures me that so long as I don’t start wearing it with full on urban street wear, I’ll be ok.  So that’s reassured me. For now. So I’ll be wearing mine with a tee, jeans and my Stans.  I’ve ordered the lovely reversible Top Shop version (main feature image) but there are a few around that won’t break the bank (and a few that will).  Light enough to throw on and throw in a bag if the midday sun brings too much heat, pretty enough to put a smile on anyone’s face on a grumpy Autumnal morning, and practical enough to tick all the boxes. What’s not to love. They were pretty big this summer in menswear too, but personally I’d definitely advise walking with caution if your age is northwards of 30, (unless you’re known for being a pretty flamboyant dresser already).

The Souvenir jacket (or ‘sukajan’) originated post WWII when occupying US soldiers bought them to mix western and eastern influences, as something to take back home. The traditional baseball jacket shape was remixed into silks with ornate japanese inspired designs; later these jackets were divisive in Japan as they became associated with the gang culture that sprung up in the younger generation.

My edit of the best, here. Let me know if you find any other gems and I’ll add them in…

Black and white floral satin bomber, Silence and Noise at Urban Outfitters, this great red and gold tiger motif’d bomber is again Silence and Noise, UO, pink and black bomber, ASOS,   cream and black bomber with single flower motif, from Maje, and finally on the pricier end of life, dusky pink bomber from Acne Studios at Liberty.

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