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I’ve become a bit obsessed with pins this year. The fastest way to wear your heart on your sleeve and add a bit of yourself, whether it’s on your beaten up favourite jacket or personalising a bag that you’ve got a bit bored with…So this week’s Sunday Best is dedicated to some of the best pins in town.

Feature image pins – Frida, by And Smile, available from, Mother pin, from, Fox pin bought for me by my kids (and started the collection) from a selection at Frank in Whitstable

Below – Another fox, this time adding some interest to a favourite but slightly worn Boden bag, Fox pin from one of my favourite discoveries of 2016, the enormously talented Becky at Sketch Inc.…she has loads of other beauties too, including unicorns and pandas (which are sneaking their way into both daughter’s stockings from Father Christmas this year)….another great purveyor of pins is Not The Kind, a site full of quirky stuff from a very funny artist called Carrie. This cactus pin is from there, which sits alongside a whole retro-inspired pin collection. Tatty Devine also does some great brooches and pins and this gin bottle pin is definitely next on my wish list…

If you love a bit of old skool skating, this roller derby skate pin should tick boxes, available from Girl Skate UK do a great pin, which I’m intending on getting for my youngest girl, once her ankle operation gets her back on her board,  and I know she’ll love it….almost as much as getting back to business as usual.

So get going, and channel your inner Ramones with needles and pins (yeah).


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