We’re gonna need a bigger boat…

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Today marks the end of National Marine Week, and coincidentally it’s coincided with my eldest boy child nagging endlessly about watching Jaws. Not entirely linked but when I was explaining why I don’t think he’s old enough yet to watch it, he asked would it put him off surfing. Probably I said.  For a bit.  But that actually the biggest thing he should worry about is the rubbish and crap that’s pumped into our seas every day, putting all our sea dwelling wild life at risk.

Both kids are super interested in all things ocean related; both are water babies (in no small part down to their amazing swimming teacher) and the son in question was named Fin in the first place, because of his father’s love of sharks (and possibly there’s an unspoken nod to our mutual love of Jaws. He was nearly Elliot for a similar film related love).  There are loads of Marine Week activities on today and we’ll be heading out later in our kayak if things aren’t too choppy, to have a look for ourselves at some of the stuff lurking beneath the surface here on the Kent coast.

It’s the end of Regatta week where we live and there’s a definite increase in litter; I’m hoping the day trippers get to see Finding Dory this week and get a small Pixar reminder of sea life,  and that it’s not cool to leave bottles, cans and plastic bags behind them.

If you want to do your bit, or help the kids to learn more about our coastal marine life (or both) there are loads of local beach clean ups organised, and NMW events around the country.  You can find more on from local wildlife trusts http://www.wildlifetrusts.org and Surfers Against Sewage have a great website about everything they do – including their campaigning for charging for plastic bags here in the UK, which has seen a 6 billion reduction in bags given out at shops since the 5p charge. Fewer plastic bags = fewer bags polluting the beaches and sea. Pretty simple really isn’t it?

Let’s hope some of the messages last for longer than Dory’s memory. Now, where did we leave the kayak? …

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