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Guest post from Mack

I am making an addition to theprocrastinationproject today by means of a little travel/ day- out guide to my home city of Brighton in East Sussex. I might add that I have lived in Brighton for two decades now and have grown up in the city so this is real, local knowledge that I am passing on (you lucky things). But really, if you have never been to Brighton or if you have and are thinking of revisiting, I thought I’d give you some current and slightly different recommendations of nice places to visit and things to do that are not just the pier and the Pavilion. Although if you want the proper tourist experience then both those places are obviously a must.

POMPOKO, Church Street

Located slap bang in the middle of one of the most vibrant areas of Brighton, close to Jubilee square and the Theatre Royal lies Pompoko. Possibly my favourite restaurant in Brighton. I have recommended and will continue to recommend this independent Japanese restaurant to everyone. It’s super speedy service makes it almost a fast food place but with its authentic and delicious menu I don’t think I want to categorise it as fast food. It is honestly a shining star – cheap (mains about £6), there’s no sushi (sorry sushi, I do love you but it is quite refreshing to go for Japanese without you), fast (always handy when you find yourself caught out peckish right in the middle of town) and it is bring your own booze which is always a laugh. The only thing I will say is do not always expect a table immediately, Pompoko is TINY and you can’t book, but you won’t have to wait long if you do have to wait, it has a quick and informal turn around.

LA CHOZA, Gloucester Road

Brighton is suddenly obsessed with Mexican food and restaurants are popping up everywhere but the only one I would point you to is La Choza. Another small, independent place. The OTT day-of-the-dead decor is great fun and the staff are absolutely lovely. If you are a bit too chilly to eat your own customised burrito you can help yourself to a blanket. Or maybe just order a couple of tequila sunrises to warm you up. The Mexican street food salad and the calamari are also amazing.


For a Caffeine fix stop at Marwoods. Not only is the coffee great but the cakes and sarnies are as well and the eccentric collection of odds and sods inside- from books, toys and even a bit of taxidermy (lol) will keep you amused while you sip your latte. Lovely garden too. I would say it’s also a bit of a hipster hang out, if you don’t mind me saying ‘hipster’.

Dukes at Komedia, Gardner Street

The sister of Brighton’s famous Duke of Yorks Picturehouse, Dukes at Komedia is a fantastic venue. I would probably recommend it even more than Duke of Yorks itself as it is much more central, right in the middle of Brighton Laines, and rather than strictly a cinema (albeit a very nice one) Dukes at Komedia also hosts gigs, club nights and comedy events. It even has its own bar and restaurant and the vibe and furnishings are just genuinely really nice. You would have to see what is going on for yourself on any particular dates or times but it really is a pleasant and pretty cool evening out. They sometimes do daytime stuff as well!

SNOOPERS PARADISE, Kensington Gardens

Snoopers Paradise might be somewhere you accidentally miss out if you are venturing around Brighton and don’t know about it already due to its residence on the bustling Kensington Gardens and all the market stalls distracting from it. But try not to! It’s a huge shop on two floors made up of smaller market stalls inside. You can honestly spend hours in there rummaging through antiques, collectables, retro goods and plenty of other stuff. ‘Stuff’ is the only way to put it really. It’s a hoarders dream and a place of discovery.


I’m not going to make out I am massively into comics cause I’m not at all. But Dave’s is a fascinating place even for the graphic novel virgin like me. Situated in two shops side-by-side Dave’s Comics is full to the brim with comics, graphic novels, manga and unique children’s books all set out beautifully. For anyone interested in illustration this is a must. Next door Dave’s Books sells posters, dressing up stuff, toys and action figures. It really is escapism at its best and everyone will end up wanting to buy something.

The Level, Union Road

This might not be for everyone but if you fancy it, I would recommend a passing visit to The Level. A park right in the very heart of Brighton. The kids playground is almost brand new and even as a 22 year old I think it looks like fun, especially the run in water fountains. The cafe serves great food too and there’s lots of places to sit and chill. I also can’t not mention the infamous Level skate park which is busy all day everyday and all seasons. If you are lucky you will even catch some of the Level Army crew in action on the ramps. And did I forget to say it is completely FREE!

TWISTED LEMON, Middle Street

Hidden right down a tiny alleyway in the back streets of town is Twisted Lemon. Because a cocktail pitstop is essential every now and then. Choose from the huge selection of gorgeous cocktails and watch the fabulous staff make them right before you. There’s something to float everyones boat. Their espresso martini with a hint of salted caramel is to die for but be careful… a trip to Twisted Lemon could get messy.

So that is my lot for now. I could on but these are some of my top picks for a fun and a bit less touristy approach to visiting the city of Brighton. Big up the South East. Enjoy.









  1. Angela Morris says

    As a ‘student who never left’ [& resident of Brighton for centuries] the above are all very very fabulous places. Although equally concerned it becomes too popular I would also recommend Carlito Burrito & the ‘Acapulco is very beautiful cocktail’ with BRIGHTON Gin! Again no booking required. Also The Plotting Parlour in Steine Street for chilli Margarita’s … just sublime! #lovebrighton


  2. Hi Angela! We love your additions and suggestions. Mack wholeheartedly agrees with them too! Sorry for our delay in replying, she’s busy applying for grad jobs! Thank you as always for joining in 🙂 x


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