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So what’s getting my attention today? It has to be the article in the Huffington Post highlighting the twitter insults aimed at Michael Gove, lovingly sent on to me by my good friend Em. Who clearly knew it would make me roar.

In response to a tweet from Gove, a barrage of insults were sent, ranging from school playground level of amusing to downright very, very funny.

Not since a line from Caitlin Moran’s Moranthology, calling David Cameron a “Camp, robot Gammon” has an insult tickled me as much as some of the responses to Gove this week.

In the aftermath of the Brexit vote a couple of weeks ago, it’s felt like our country is divided, with friend v friend, neighbour v neighbour, and in-fighting within families. It’s been a really difficult time for us Brits.  So to find some humour in the dark stormy clouds has to be a great thing.

In the wake of the referendum, the political shenanigans have been off the scale, and seeing every political rat deserting their party ships quicker than the England football team have exited the Euros, I think many of us are feeling left adrift by the very people who are meant to be in charge.  Who screwed this up in the first place.

So I’m grateful for the laugh today.  And to the tweeter who replied to Gove “you are one confused bag of mince” …I salute you.


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