for the love of Liberty..

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Things I love

…as I mooch once again through the creaking wooden floored Liberty, I realise my pace has changed. It happens every time I visit. However stressed, rushed, or unhappy I feel when I push through its doors, once inside I leave it all behind.

How does a shop do that?! As a rule I hate shopping with a passion. I do most of mine online where I can. I get stressed, irritated and often angry or frustrated when I go shopping. From my amazing invisibility cloak with shop assistants and other customers alike, to nothing fitting, to overheated shop floors – you name I have a pathological hatred of shopping til you drop. But not in Liberty’s.

Once again I had to restrain myself from buying the entire contents of the haberdashery floor, including an amazing bright yellow silk fabric that my elementary level needlework skills would have absolutely no chance of fashioning in to something. But blimey, it deserves to be. I grabbed a few metres of my favourite Tana Lawn to get Granny to run up some summer frocks for Kitty.  Half a metre here and there on rik-rak and other small but lovely bits and bobs,  and then I had to leg it to prevent any more spending.

My daughter’s most favourite possession in the world is Daisy Mouse, a beaten up fabric toy given to her by her big sister the day she was born. Daisy’s made from Liberty fabric and has required much patching up.  She goes everywhere (except school) – she’s been on every overseas trip, every surf holiday, so she’s really threadbare now.  Luckily that particular pattern is a keeper for Liberty, but if they ever discontinue it I do hope they’ll let us all know in advance (now there’s a scary thought).

Liberty’s is a bit spendy, there’s no doubting that – but everything from its cafe to the fashion to the kids department, beauty, and up to haberdashery, it’s all so beautifully thought out and the attention to detail that they’re famous for stands the test of time. Their beauty and fashion buyers really know their stuff and there’s always something new that isn’t available elsewhere yet….and a gift in one of its trademark small purple bags, never gets anything less than a massive smile from its recipient.

So if you’re from out of town or country, and are planning a trip to London, do include a visit, it’s always worth it.

Now, where’s my sewing box, I feel a project coming on..IMG_9809

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