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What we're wearing now

Here we are in 1916. Oh no, but hang on, it’s 2016 surely? Sorry, my mistake, I thought what with all the hoo-ha about some poor temp worker being given her marching orders for refusing to wear heels at work, we must still be pre women’s rights let alone equality, in Britain.

I could go in to a teeny bit of a ranty monologue on this. So I’m going to keep this super-short. But from an employment point of view, how is it even legal? Apparently it is. But I’m perplexed about – well, how does this work from a discrimination point of view? Equality in the workplace. Disability. Religion.  Gender.  I just don’t get it.

Then we could start on the health and safety side of things. Sorry to those who hate the nanny state, but surely there’s something about forcing our trotters into heels when perhaps it’s not great for our skeletal makeup, let alone our feet. At the risk of giving away my age, I LOVED wearing heels when I was younger. Bloody. Loved. It. I still buy sky-scraping shoes that I know I will never wear.

But then my feet started to scream in protest. I felt a bit tottery and less glam, more wince.  I mean bloody hell I even took flip-flops to my own wedding, stashed with the bar-tender for when my Jimmy Choos really would get too much. So, to be made to wear heels 5 times a week, all day, just to satisfy some dress code? Come on. Isn’t it all a bit of an episode of Man Men?

By the end of a typical day, heels make your feet hurt. They burn. They sometimes bleed a bit. They get blisters, the balls of your feet throb.  Is it really, honestly fair, that in 2016, it’s ok for your employer to enforce that? Can’t imagine why we’d continue to put up with it, unless out of choice – can you?

  • ps, still love heels. Just not when some corporation tells me I have to wear them to look presentable.




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  1. That’s true, a corporate dress code has to take health and safety into consideration. Not everyone can wear heels, even fit, active people who enjoy sports. At work, we are required to wear shoes that are easy to move in should there be an emergency. So, no flip flops or backless sandals. I think heels are the least important issue when considering a dress code for the office.


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