2016’s best flip flops

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The sun is finally out in the UK. So here are my picks for the best flip flops.

In at the top of the charts, Liberty for Havaianas. Their lovely prints suit summer so, so well, and I’m counting on the usual high quality of Havaianas, so that the print doesn’t come off (which has happened in the past with printed flip flops). I have the yellow pair in my online basket awaiting pay day, so I hope they’ll still be in stock.

Flipping in (see what I did there?) close behind, are the Charlotte Olympia Red Leopard print flip flops, also stocked by Liberty but also Selfridges and various other high street stores.

The plainer yellow and navy colour ways of Havaianas are also classics for a “go with anything” choice if you’re not quite the, ahem, collector that I confess I am. You can also find them cheaper on holiday in Europe and especially the US, so it’s worth holding out if you’re going overseas. The other plus is that they are also nice and grippy to both your foot and the ground, whereas without the slight texture to the rubber that other brands don’t tend to have, you can be prone to sliding around (with a bit of stray sunscreen or wet feet from the sea or pool), in bit of a health and safety manner.

Boden also have some cute pairs, but I haven’t road tested them, whereas I feel I can do a hand on heart promise that Havaianas are pretty much like cockroaches, they withstand anything and are likely to survive a nuclear attack. One of my son’s pair from last summer got left in the garden all winter and I can honestly say if it still fitted him, he could just put it on and go. But Boden is definitely worth a look for something different http://www.boden.co.uk

Over to the smaller members of the family….As with every year, good ol’ Havaianas have come up with some great new designs. Fin will definitely nag for the Star Wars ones, though interestingly the design is a lot less fun and bright than the adult versions of the same.  But they’re fun and again, have the trademark textured top sole.  But if you’re being more careful with cash, what’s not to love about £2.99 pairs from H&M, that bedrock of kids clothes on a budget. Havaianas available from schuh, who do GREAT customer service, as well as many of the high street supers. http://www.schuh.co.uk

So that’s my edit for 2016.  You’re welcome.  Now all I need, is the pedicure and leg wax so I don’t scare the kids….



  1. mackduley says

    need the panda havaianas. i can’t wait to look like a loon this summer with my toe socks from japan and flip flops


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