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First up is one of Kitty’s personal heroes.

..Shelley-Georgia Yates

Please introduce yourself…

I’m a 25 year old teacher, board collector, bowl skater for the last 13 years! Been struggling with a knee injury for the past 6 years, one operation down and due another one … I’ll never grow out of skateboarding!

Shelley, how old were you when you first started skating? 

I started skating when I was nearly 13 years old.

What got you in to skateboarding in the first place? 

My brother and dad use to skateboard and I always liked to keep up with them so I got my dad to buy me one!

What do you love most about skating and the culture surrounding it? 

when I was younger it made me different from other girls and I loved that. When I had a death in my life, skating saved me, and now it’s my medicine when I feel down or stressed! It’s more than a sport to me now.

Who are your heroes and heroines? 

In skateboarding it would be Tony Trujillo

In life – My grandad, and Katie Piper

If could tell your 7 year old self something, what would it be? 

Be yourself,  just respect others

What achievement are you most proud of? 

My degree

My teaching career

The skatepark I got built

You’re a teacher in real life, what do your class kids think of you being a skater? 

“It’s cool”

“It’s different and unique”

“Usually teachers are boring” – quotes from my year 8 boys!

Skating has always been seen a boys territory, do you see that changing, how much has it changed since you started skating yourself? 

I was the only girl skater in my area for years and when more girls got involved it was amazing! It’s changing daily … Girls need to now do competitions with boys to show we are equal!

What one piece of advice would you give girls who are tempted but haven’t had the courage to give it go? 

What have you got to lose? It’s fun, social and I even met my future husband through this world of skating ❤

Finally, in the spirit of the blog’s title, what are you procrastinating on right now? 

Growing up haha – I want to be young forever, but now take on more responsibilities daily

Shout out to girlskateuk and photo credits to Twig and Charlotte


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