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what we're reading

Book review by Fin, age 9

Wonder – by RJ Palacio

I’m going to start by saying this is my favourite book ever.  Wonder is about a ten year old boy called August, who has a facial disfigurement. It tells the story through his eyes, his sister’s and her boyfriend’s, and his best friend’s too.

It made me happy but it also made me really sad at times.  I think everyone should read this, both my age and grown ups.

The Head teacher in the book, Mr Tushman quoted a line from JM Barrie from a book called The Little White Bird. The line goes ” Shall we make a new rule of life…always to try to be kinder than is necessary?” I shall never forget this line and I shall never forget August.

A note from me:  I’ve never seen Fin engage so much with a book as this one.  I’m going to read it next myself.  There were some tough bits, where he felt he couldn’t go on, which we read together.  Those parts genuinely made us cry. If this isn’t made into a film I’ll eat my hat.  Really brilliant (but maybe careful with younger readers as it is really emotional).


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