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what's getting my attention

….the groovy young things.

This time last week, I was tossing the idea of The Procrastination Project around.  Not in any meaningful way.  To the husband, and to a couple of friends who gave a shite (*insert whose opinions I really value).

“Was I being an arse?”  “Is it dead narcissistic?” Self doubt and concern over judgement were already derailing the fledgling idea before it had even started. That’s sooo me.

But guess what – my girlfriends stepped up “Do it”. Then the decider, the Stepdaughter, 22 was an instant cheerleader.  “Do it Helen. Just do it. I’ll get involved”.  And so I did.

Taught myself a bit of wordpress.  Asked the online tech support many, many stupid questions.

It made me think though; In this this changing world of tech, we kind of need to listen to our girls coming up behind us.  COS THEY KNOW STUFF.  In the same way I remember trying to teach my mum to use email and the web (and don’t start me on answerphone messages) I am probably a tech dinosaur compared to Mack. We already joke that if the smart tv plays up, to ask the 7 year old to sort it, and she always does.

It makes me think, maybe mentoring needs turning on its head.  360 mentoring, so that the younger, tech savy lot can teach us grandmas (steady on….) to suck eggs, whilst we help them navigate the other tricky stuff.

SO.  Thanks for the love, to those who know who they are (who egged me on), and after nearly one week of being “live” thanks so SO much to those who have bothered to send messages of support.  Especially Sharon who’s off to buy herself a pair of Stan Smiths after reading that post. I bloody love that.


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