Keeping it in the (Stan Smith) family Pt. 2

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What we're wearing now

Excuse the late post. Although maybe its a good thing because having just realised I’ve left my own pair of Stan Smiths in Whitstable, a good three hour train ride away from where I am at the moment, I can now verify how much I miss them. Jheez, life without my Stan Smiths is like being in a long distance relationship.

So as Helen mentioned, she kindly handed down her green velcro- tab Stan Smiths to me about five years ago. At the time I didn’t appreciate them enough as I was more interested in being an impractical seventeen year old who only wore black platform Dr Martens along with a big winter coat (during July I might add. To be fair I am still inclined to over dressing in summer but a bit less ridiculously now).

Anyway; Stan Smiths. I did feel super cool when Adidas re- launched the Stan Smith and I was already equipped with my own original ones. They have served me well and have seen some good club nights and whilst they are almost dead (see picture), they still make an outfit effortlessly cool and I still get compliments. I don’t think you can go wrong with some rolled up jeans, a cute pair of socks, a teesh or jumper and a pair of Stans. I will definitely be purchasing another pair when I can bring myself to throw mine away…

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