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Before I start, yes yes, I know Star Wars The Force Awakens has been around for ages now. I know this because we had to go on the day it opened in the UK. 

However, it has only just actually entered the house this week, with the dvd release. So it’s fairly wall to wall Force Awakens for breakfast, lunch and tea right now. And it reminded me, Rey’s bloody great isn’t she?

Actually, in truth, she’s slightly irritating at first til you get used to her. But then she’s greeeeat.

I’m probably a bit biased. As mum of a 7 year old girl, I have often despaired at her role models.  Even Peppa Pig is actually a bit precocious in real life and I was quite glad to see the back of her.

Then you look around you and…don’t even get me started on Barbie and her mates.  And let’s be honest, they may have launched some different shaped and sized ones, but challenge me all you like, nobody’s actually going to be buying their daughter Hefty Barbie are they?

Anyway, I digress.

Rey – now then, no pink taffeta for Rey. Hell no, she’s so bloody busy being ace she’s practically dressed in rags. For the whole film.

Oh, and add to that, she’s an accomplished mechanic (*ask Chewie, he can vouch for her ability to bypass the compressor)  Even Han was genuinely impressed, she won him over there and then. My sister in law did a degree in mechanical engineering, but otherwise, seriously, I don’t know any girls that carried on with science past A level. So I quite like the notion that thousands of girls might now be inspired to find out how something works so they can be the cool one that fixes it. Or take engineering or sciences further.

Anyhoo, back to her outfit.  I’ll admit, that as a girl (which I am) I did mutter during the final scene something along the lines of “for god’s sake, couldn’t General Leia have given her a nice frock now she’s saved the Resistance, practically single handed?” (Sorry should have put spoiler alert there). But obviously, as a practical warrior, the ending outfit was in fact perfect.  And General Leia’s promotion didn’t go unnoticed either, having told Kitty since she was 2 that being a Princess was neither an aspiration nor a proper job.

More please, Disney et al.  More feisty, less bipity bopity boo.

*actually I still think a bit of glitter on the final outfit could have lifted it from ordinary to finale.

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