Keeping it in the (Stan Smith) family

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What we're wearing now

I had my first Stan Smiths back in the early noughties when I was working for the Big Breakfast.  Back then, they were the greenflash, velcro-tabbed version. They ended up going to a good home after my first pregnancy left my feet a size bigger. More of that later.

Why are they so perennially popular with both my age group as well as the younger, hipper lot coming up behind us? When they were first re-released in 2014, you literally couldn’t get hold of the green for love nor money. I grabbed a navy tabbed pair in desperation, but my love for them was never the same. Some months later and after a bit of adidas website stalking, the green were back. And they’ve barely left my feet. 3 pairs later.

I mostly wear mine with my straight legged Levis, but they also work so well with culottes and a simple breton for work, tights and a denim skirt, as well as casually rolled up boyfriend jeans in the summer.  Not an edgy look by far, but it kind of works for me in all my guises.

My 22 year old step-daughter has my old weather worn Big Breakfast ones, and my 7 year old now wears a size 2. So we’re definitely keeping it in the family. Mack is going to book end this post with her own, about how she wears hers.

Still can’t figure why they’re so popular. I guess they’ll always have a plainness and ordinariness that makes them ultimately quite cool.  They don’t scream ‘look at me’, rather they whisper ‘I know, that you know, that I’m a cool looking trainer’.

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