Dreamland, use it or lose it?

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Rumours are abound that the fab Dreamland in Margate is in financial trouble. Already? Can’t be good.  After so much local support to do something with the old site and make Margate great again, along with tonnes of Lottery money ploughed in, it’s a great day out and a thoughtful nod to its past. Wayne Hemmingway oversaw the design process and its retro design feels right at home.

All of the rides are refurb’d originals, with Rockets from Battersea Park (which my husband recognised, what with being quite old) plus great food stalls, Morelli’s icecream and helpful, cheerful staff. The Dodgems remind you just what a laugh they are; I had a stupid grin from ear to ear the entire time my son and I chased round after the Husband and our girl. It was proper family fun, with 7 year old Kitty singing along at full volume to ‘This Charming Man’ while we all heckled each other (and our driving).

The roller disco alone is worth the trip – no high speed blades here, it’s all about old skool roller boots, disco music and beer. Best exercise for an old mum of two, and no fit shaming in the process.

Be a shame to lose it all over again.

A case of use it or lose it?

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