mind the (thigh) gap

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Most of my friends and family know I have hypothyroidism which is a stupidly long word for a stupidly annoying auto-immune condition which in a nut shell means I really, really struggle to lose weight and even maintain my current one….

So I’m forever hooked into the latest diet regime, like shooting fish in a barrel. 5:2 – tick. Weightwatchers – of course. I followed Deliciously Ella on instagram for a while, downloaded her app, and then realised her perfect lifestyle, lithe figure and nice teeth were getting on my nerves and not really speaking to me as a 47 year old mum of two. I’m definitely more on the Deliciously Stella end of the spectrum.

But it did make me think and it did make me strive to eat better and move more, mainly to be around for my kids for as long as possible, rather than to attain a thigh gap. Which in truth I had to google to understand what the young people were actually talking about.

So, I’ve become adept at shoving in some kale chips, which are a big hit with the kids,  I kind of feel a tiny bit smug on the days they hoover them up.

*By the way whilst I’m on the subject of Kale if you eat it raw as all these clean eating aficionados bang on about, it fucks with your thyroid function. As does raw broccoli and all that vegetable family. Just saying.


So on a good week, I really do try to eat well. We never eat ready made meals and on the whole, lots of fish and vegetables…But last night, oh last night. Basically I behaved like a 20 year old student. (minus the clubbing and the drugs) We’re talking Twiglets, cheeseballs, maltesers and buckets of Peroni and red wine. And it has made me feel utterly, utterly crap in the cold light of day.

Back on the wagon this morning, and last night’s lack of sleep and lack of feeling very well, has definitely thrown into sharp focus that actually eating “clean” whilst it’s a term I loathe and a movement I’m not 100% comfortable with as I think it’s making a lot of young people obsessed with their body shape and “clean” diet (there’s an actual word for it – Orthorexia) it does certainly make you function better and be less puffy and less on edge, than an evening of eating shite.

I think the Hemsley sisters have a good balance, nutritionally rich meal ideas and recipes which don’t fully rely on protein only, nor the dreaded Kale.  I’ve become adept at swapping ingredients in the more traditional recipes for the healthy fats that we now know actually help you burn fat, and dodging anything labelled low fat which is a cunning disguise invented by the food industry to shovel more sugar into our diets, or indeed sweetners (discuss).

I do feel that for a whole generation of those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s, something went wrong.  And we’re now paying the price. But I’m also hoping I can do my part to raise healthy kids, who don’t have to worry about their weight when they’re older because they’re eating right now.  At the same time, whilst I might swerve the twiglets for a while, there’ll be no preaching, and I know that the next roast dinner will still require buckets of red alongside it.

I think the word I’m looking for is balance. Who’d have thought it?

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