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TOKYO 2016

Mack, 22


I think I have wanted to go to Japan ever since Gwen Stefani dropped ‘Love. Angel. Music. Baby.’ in 2004 when I was ten.  The album that taught me what a Harajuku girl was and the meaning of ‘kawaii’ (‘kawaii’ is Japanese for cute/cool in case you didn’t know, and kawaii is EVERYWHERE in Tokyo).  So this was definitely a trip of a lifetime.  Here are some dos and dont’s and what to expects from my point of view…but I would recommend anyone to visit Tokyo to see for themselves –


  • learn to say ‘arigato’ (thank you) and ‘sumimasen’ (sorry/excuse me)
  • take a camera
  • try okonomiyaki and monjayaki at one of the small izakaya bars in Ginza
  • buy socks – Tokyo has nice socks
  • visit 109 shopping centre on Shibuya crossing – if you are a 21 year old girl who likes to shop and doesn’t mind being in one of the busiest places on earth


  • anticipate any down time, Tokyo is a 24 hour city and there’s tonnes to see and do
  • eat the fermented tofu stuff – I didn’t actually try this and I’m glad because it looked disgusting and apparently is
  • play with your chopsticks – not an innuendo.  It is actually rude to play with your chopsticks at the table
  • let your little brother purchase light saber chopsticks on day one, because they will be the bane of the holiday
  • visit 109 shopping centre on Shibuya crossing – if you are a man who doesn’t like to shop

What to expect

  • Asahi.  I feel like our trip was sponsored by Asahi….not that I’m complaining
  • small dogs in coats, small dogs in tutus, small dogs wearing jewellery, small dogs with dyed hair
  • raw fish
  • a lot of running around very big (albeit sparkling clean) metro stations
  • to get very jealous of people’s style and beauty and end up wishing you were Japanese yourself

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